Just before practice, Master Bo'man said, ``What is the true sound of a hockey stick?'' Then he began to skate in slow circles around the ice.

Each player tried his best to come up with an answer. The third line center stood in the players box, leaned over, and banged his stick on the boards. The number one goalkeeper slapped his stick against the ice. The backup goalie banged his stick back and forth against the pipes, as goalies will do. The franchise winger practiced his hardest slapshot, making the pucks CRRRACK! as they bounced off the glass. The master skated around the rink, not acknowledging their efforts.

Just then a young defensman named Pollicky, late for practice, hurried onto the ice. He had not heard the question and he didn't know why everyone was standing around banging things. Wondering what to do, he gathered a puck and tried skating inconspicuously up ice, to ask the backup goalie what was going on. As he neared the crease, the puck gently slid into the net, without making a sound.

The master blew his whistle and said: ``Pollicky has only questions. Yet he has found the answer.''

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